Saving costs and carbon by investing in street lighting

4th Jan 2021

Huge financial savings and emission reductions can be made by switching to LED street lighting according to a report commissioned by the UK Lighting & Technology Board.

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Fully converting the UK street lighting estate to energy efficient LEDs would, it is thought, cost £755M but generate £6.8Bn of electricity cost savings and deliver 5M tonnes of emission savings over the next 25 years.

The UK Lighting & Technology Board commissioned Streetlighting Advisory Services to carry out the first comprehensive and detailed analysis of the UK’s street lighting assets since 2010. Funding came from the Department for Transport and the project was commissioned by the UK
Road Liaison Group, which hosts the report on its website.

The report is titled ‘State of the Nation’ and provides a picture of how the UK’s street lights are operated and controlled, their electricity consumption and carbon footprint and the progress made by local authorities in adopting LED technology.

To read the full article click here:  Transportation Professional January 2021 - UKRLG


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