UK Lighting & Technology Board

The Board is chaired by David Denner (Welsh Government) and has the following  


  • Bijan Bassiri, representing Transport Scotland  
  • Michael Levack, representing the Industry, HEA & HEMSA
  • Simon Langley, representing National Highways  
  • Guy Harding, representing the Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP)  
  • Dean Wendelborn (Westminster Council) representing the London Lighting Engineers Group, (LoLEG) and London’s Highways Asset Management Forum (LoTAG)  
  • Scott Denyer, (Street Lighting Partnership) representing SCOTS
  • Keith Tovee, (Essex Highways) representing ADEPT  
  • Gary Ross, representing the Department for Infrastructure Northern Ireland  
  • Jonathan Hurley (Swansea City Council) representing CSS Wales  
  • Gafoor Din, (Warwickshire County Council) representing ADEPT Traffic Systems Group 
  • Toby Penter, representing Young Lighting Professionals (YLP Chairman)
  • Matthew Eglinton / Gary Kemp, representing the Department for Transport 
  • Vacant, representing OFGEM



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