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Good lifecycle planning supports strategic level planning and better decision making for future highway investment decisions. Planning and estimating expenditure requirements alongside long-term asset performance is essential to improve the management of roads and services. These estimates can be used to determine the likely performance of the asset so that future budget can be prioritised accordingly.

LCP ToolKits

Key documentation:




HMEP LCP Toolkits User Guidance LCP 18/10/19
HMEP LCP Toolkits Quick Guidance LCP 18/10/19
HMEP LCP Toolkits Case Studies LCP 18/10/19


Toolkits - includes three Excel spreadsheets -  UKRLG - HMEP Lifecycle planning toolkit (May 2021 release: updated versions of the lifecycle planning toolkits including fixes for Treatment Strategy cell validation and Treatment Budget constraints, plus corrected transition matrix and minor aesthetic changes.)


The HMEP Lifecycle Planning Toolkit is: 

  • A strategic tool that can select the preferred maintenance solution and timing for intervention to suit the whole life cost of the asset;
    • A network tool to enable Local Highway Authorities to make decisions regarding the timing of future maintenance decisions and their likely impact; and
  • A costing tool to aid the selection of maintenance treatment options at a local level.

The HMEP Lifecycle Planning Toolkit and its deterioration models work as a package to enable local highway authorities to make strategic level planning decisions by helping to: 

  • Assess the impact that different levels of funding can make on future asset performance and asset maintenance requirements;
  • Investigate the current and future levels of funding required to achieve more defined levels of service and condition; and
    • Identify the levels of funding required to minimise whole life costs, helping to preserve assets in the most efficient way.

The HMEP LCP Toolkits (Carriageways, Footways and Other Assets) have been updated together with their accompanying guidance document; becoming more user friendly and incorporating some new functionality. The following - all available for download at the top of this page) constitute supporting material to the Toolkits: 1 Detailed User Guidance document, 1 Quick User Guidance document, 1 Audio-visual guidance (available here) and 1 Case Studies document


HMEP Resources

HMEP aimed to support the sector on its journey to transform highway services.

HMEP was ‘by the highways sector, for the highways sector’; working with people and organisations to enable change, so that greater savings and efficiencies can be achieved and the demand for improved roads and services can be met. This page contains the archive of HMEP resources and publications.

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