Structures Asset Valuation and Investment Tool (SAVI)

The SAVI tool was released on 11 March 2020.

What is SAVI?

The Structures Asset Valuation and Investment Tool (SAVI) supports asset owners, operators and managers with the management of their structure stock. SAVI is a multi-functional, condition-based decision support tool. It can be used to: carry out valuation of structures stock, develop prioritised short-term programmes of work, and develop long-term asset management plans

Why was SAVI developed?

SAVI was developed for the UK Bridges Board through DfT/UKRLG research funding to assist local authorities and asset operators across the United Kingdom manage their structure stock, ensuring there is an accessible and consistent national approach. SAVI has been developed as a next-generation publicly available decision support tool, building on the methodology from the previous publicly available Structures Asset Management Planning Toolkit. It introduces new features and controls for asset management planning and has been redesigned to include the recommendations from industry consultations in relation to improving its overall usability.

Why use SAVI?

Using SAVI, users can develop long term asset management plans (up to 120 years), determine long-term intervention strategies, model variable budget scenarios against performance and whole life cost, develop tactical short term (5-year) programmes of work and carry out both gross and depreciated valuation of their structures stock. SAVI has been developed with the end-user firmly in mind. As a result, SAVI:

• Is capable of analysing over 5,000 structures and runs quickly

• Provides a range of outputs to support business case development, funding applications, short-term and long-term asset management plans, and value as part of Whole of Government Accounts.

• Is a single tool capable of performing multiple functions; previous DST’s were only able to perform single functions at a time.

• Has introduced more user controls, allowing great flexibility to influence the asset management planning (for example, allowing an asset manager to include their own bespoke priorities)

When was SAVI released?

SAVI was launched at the Bridges 2020 Conference. An introductory article was published in Transportation Professional. For a background to SAVI please see news item here.

Download SAVI

SAVI v1.03 was published on 30 April 2020 along with SAVI User Guidance v1.0. Three files are available for download:

SAVI contains a blank SAVI file and an example with data

SAVI User Guide v1.00.pdf is the User Guide in interactive pdf format

SAMPT files contains guidance and other documents from the previous SAMPT tool

SAVI v1.03 includes indexation values for 2019/20 valuation. SAVI v1.00 can updated for 2019/20 by adding the indexation factors in the Ref 15 tab of the SAVI tool. The appropriate values are 1.2507 for Maintenance Rates (Column C) and 1.2384 for GRC Rates (Column D). SAVI v1.03 also includes fixes to work correctly in Excel 64 bit and in Excel 2010.

Unfortunately there is no formal helpdesk or support but if you find any issues please email and we will try to find a way forward!



SAVI user guide 

SAMPT files

Video of launch

Below is a video of the presentation given at the launch of SAVI at the Bridges 2020 conference held in Coventry.