Traffic Speed Condition Surveys (TRACS) were introduced on the trunk road network in England in 2000. Work was undertaken in 2003 to consider whether, in principle, the TRACS technology could be adapted for use on local authority roads ( TRACS TYPE SURVEYS FOR LOCAL ROADS). On the basis of the scoping study, Ministers agreed a £3.6 million programme to develop the technology. The implementation project was managed on behalf of the Roads Board by the Halcrow Group. (Click to read more below)

Local authorities in England commissioned the first TRACS Type Surveys (TTS) on local roads in 2004/05, covering their principal (A) roads. The results from TTS surveys were reported as BV(96) in 2005. Following the first round of research completed during 2004, a revised specification was introduced under the name of SCANNER (Surface Condition Assessment for the National Network of Roads).

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