The UK Roads Leadership Group (UKRLG) brings together national and local government from across the UK to consider roads infrastructure engineering and operations matters. It was set up in 2001, along with its Bridges, Lighting & Technology, Roads boards. The Network Management Board was formed in 2002 and the Asset Management Board was established in 2018.  The group was formerly known as the UK Roads Liaison Group but changed its name in 2022.

Vision and Mission for UKRLG

The UK Roads Leadership Group enables people and goods to move safely, effectively, and sustainably by bringing together the UK’s highway and road authorities to inspire and influence policies and guidance.

It provides professional direction and leadership for the management, operation, investment, adaptation, renewal, and resilience of our roads/highway networks and associated assets by:

  • identifying, developing and sharing best practice – developing and maintaining a trusted set of endorsed guidance and advice documents;
  • contributing to tackling the climate emergency and achieving Net Zero;
  • embedding the wider environmental impacts and biodiversity opportunities of road construction, use and maintenance and the need to support all road users throughout its work;
  • supporting and promoting competence, capacity, skills, diversity and inclusion across the sector – now and for the future;
  • looking to the future and ensuring that potential opportunities and challenges are identified and acted on;
  • identifying sector wide issues and challenges and providing potential solution; and
  • working collaboratively across the UK Government, devolved administrations, and local authorities – influencing and co-ordinating research and work across the sector.

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