Key organisations

Bridge Owners Forum - 

  1. Promote co-operation, collaboration and partnership amongst bridge owners
  2. Identify technical and research needs/priorities to promote good practice in the management of the bridge infrastructure
  3. Disseminate information
  4. Recommend research priorities avoiding duplication
  5. Provide technical advice/support to the UK Bridges Board and bridge engineers on issues affecting the bridge infrastructure

SCOSS - Structural-Safety works with the industry on safety matters concerned with the design, construction and use of structures.

Structural-Safety has two entities; SCOSS, a committee established to maintain a continuing review of building and civil engineering matters affecting the safety of structures, and CROSS, a confidential safety reporting scheme established to capture and share lessons learned which might not otherwise have had formal recognition.

BICS at LANTRA - Bridge Inspection Certificate Scheme, this is a competency based international certification scheme which has been developed by industry for industry to provide formalisation of knowledge and experience required by bridge inspectors

Access Planning Group