Editorial policy for UKRLG coverage in Transportation Professional

The following editorial policy aims to define the core objectives of article content of the UK Roads Liaison Group (UKRLG) pages within Transportation Professional.


  • To support the strategic objectives of the UK Roads Liaison Group
  • To stimulte debate within the transport industry
  • To support the advisory role of the UK Roads Liaison Group
  • To reflect the mulit-modal positioning of the UK Roads Liaison Group
  • To inform members about the work of the UK Roads Liaison Group
  • To inform transportation professionals about new and current events relating to the UK Roads Liaison Group
  • To consult transportation professionals on relevant issues

Externally commissioned material

To encourage and stimulate different perspectives, from time to time the UK Roads Liaison Group might consider it appropriate to commission external material connected to issues under consideration.  In doing so the following guidelines must be adhered to:

  • The subject area and focus of the article must be agreed by the relevant Board Chairman and Board members in advance of the commission (or by the RLG as appropriate)
  • The content should be presented in language that is not overtly promotional
  • To ensure balance the UK Roads Liaison Group will work in collaboration with the exteral commission provider to produce the final material